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Remington and Riley

Remington Acres got started in memory of two extra special thoroughbreds Remington and Riley who first exposed us to the plight these beautiful animals are exposed to and endure.

In their honor we have dedicated our life to welcome those in immed

The Promise

As these animals step into our sanctuary for the very first time, they are greeted with hugs, love, compassion and the promise that they are now in a place of peace, safe from harm and that they will not have to leave unless we can assure that they will be going to a better and safer place.

We will be a voice to the voiceless.

In Conclusion

Our horses weathered a lot of storms from abuse and neglect  to the kill pens. They have been through a lot, so when they come to us they are not always ready to trust people. But we keep at it and we bring our kids out! Away from the video  games and cell phones and eventually you get to know the horses, they get to know you and things start to seem a whole lot brighter and at some point you start asking your self who is helping who!


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